Clear Aligners

Are you ready to work towards the smile you’ve always wanted? Whether you are a teen or adult, you can enjoy the benefits of clear aligners treatment with convenient and effective options for straightening your smile. Many patients have already seen the difference custom clear aligners can make. Uniquely designed around your straightening needs, clear aligners are a great choice for helping you reach your dental goals. If you would like to learn more about improving your smile with the help of clear aligners in Nevada City, CA, call our office or schedule your visit online today!

Reveal® Clear Aligners

Reveal clear aligners are an orthodontic alternative to traditional metal braces that can be suitably worn by both adults and teenagers. These clear aligners are made from thin, flexible plastic that’s practically invisible when worn, and they’re actually among the clearest aligners available on the market today. One of the many fantastic appeals to Reveal aligners is that they are much more comfortable than metal braces, as the smooth plastic does not irritate the gums and cheeks. Reveal’s clear aligners are also removable, so you can take them out to eat, drink, brush and floss as usual. 

  • To begin the process, patients will be provided with a series of multiple aligners that they will need to wear for at least 22 hours per day.
  • After roughly two weeks, it will be time to progress to the next aligner in the series. 
  • Reveal works by exerting slight pressure on the teeth through the use of tight-fitting aligners. With consistent pressure along the smile arch, teeth are easily guided into the correct position. 
  • As each aligner is worn, it will gradually shift your teeth until the desired outcome is reached.

The entire process is supervised by our dental team, ensuring that your smile progresses right on track and turns out just the way you want.

Overall, the Reveal system caters to the aesthetics, comfort, and orthodontic needs of every patient, so we’re confident it will inspire patients to take the first step towards smile straightening and truly enjoy the journey.

Clear Aligners For Adults

If you are an adult looking for an effective yet discreet orthodontic treatment, clear aligners offer the perfect solution. Clear aligners can be used to address a variety of alignment issues without the need for brackets or wires. For those who would like to work towards a better smile without drawing extra attention throughout the process, clear aligners could be the answer. Many adults enjoy the option of removing the aligners at certain times and having a solution that blends in naturally with their smile. Clear aligner treatment has become a common straightening solution for many adults.


Clear Aligners For Teens

For teens in need of orthodontic treatment, clear aligners may offer one of the best solutions. Removable aligners allow teens to change little in their normal routine while working towards improving their teeth alignment. Straightening your smile can make flossing and brushing easier and lead to a healthier smile for life. With consistent use, many teens can see constant improvement in their teeth alignment without the need for traditional braces. With a treatment designed just for them, clear aligners can offer teens a way to feel confident throughout treatment. 


Benefits Of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer many benefits for many patients, including:

  • Removable Aligners – No need to change your diet or lifestyle!
  • Fast & Affordable – See results quickly and have access to affordable financing options.
  • Predictable Results – With the help of advanced technology, you can find out how long treatment will take during your initial consultation.
  • Trustworthy Treatment – Clear aligners have proven to show safe, reliable results.
  • More Comfortable – No need to get used to uncomfortable brackets or wires. 
  • Better Oral Hygiene – Change a little in your oral care routine, flossing and brushing as usual without working around braces as you clean your smile.


The Clear Aligners Process

Our team will begin by scheduling an initial consultation to determine the length of treatment and evaluate your straightening needs. If you are a candidate for clear aligners, digital impressions will be taken and your aligners can be custom-designed right away. Once your clear aligners are ready, you can begin to work your way through each set of aligners. You’ll gradually see improvements in your alignment, eventually revealing the end result. Following treatment, a retainer will be designed just for you!

If you’re ready to get started, our team is here to help! Simply call our team today to book your consultation and discover your treatment options. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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